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    Tudo Existe Num Instante

    by bresciani

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    shadowrocket下载 Blending the skill for words similar to the likes of Caetano Veloso with the more progressive side of the Beatles or Pink Floyd, Bresciani takes us through an infinity of fresh and breezy landscapes. "O Vento" is the is the perfect mantra, and even though its apparent simplicity, the pinnacle of a reinvigorating journey. Favorite track: O Vento.
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    Tudo 03:30
    Todo dia é tudo Dos pés à ponta-cabeça De cada instante que mereça Em cada inspirar profundo Em cada desejo imundo À espera do que aconteça Que se transforme, que permaneça Só não sê teu turvo escudo Pedra Sobre pedra Nada sobre o vão Somente Suavemente Perseverança, concentração
    Sol Maior 05:08
    Sol a pino Meio dia Vertiginoso horizonte Subverte Espectro Retina Desafina Percepção Vento vibra Calmaria Tudo existe num instante Brisa leve Sinfonia Equilibra Coração Sol a pino Meio dia Vertiginoso horizonte Subverte Espectro Retina Desafia Percepção Noite fria Ventania Sinto a terra tão distante Pés descalços Largos passos Essa insólita Sensação
    Insólito 10:02
    shadowrocket订阅更新方法 06:58
    They say Paraty means "for you" But I know Paraty is for me With the sun Shining up all day And the sea Blueing every way So that's exactly where I'll stay Right here forever I'll just stay With you and ever I will stay Like this, forever, I'll just stay
    Dying Hot Days 11:54
    Long days Loud voice Hard beat Dying hot days No water, no dreams Nothing is what is seems Just the beat Beer is bad Bud is wiser
    Napoli 12:22
    When went down the sun And all the dead arise Hungering to have survived The night that had just begun My heart remembers no one And my consciousness divides Smooth despair despises The hour our bell rung Dreadful pain reclaims Wood, steel, stone recalls Nothing, at all, trespasses (everything collapses) You`re no longer the same The angel did not fall The time left no ashes.
    Sempre-Vivas 03:16
    Madrugada adentro Afloram expectativas La fora nas sempre-vivas Almas do poeta Entrelinhas despertam Sentidos desfazem Palavras se fazem Refazem, perfazem e fazem Realmente sigo entorpecente O caminho Reticente Realmente sigo entorpecente Passo com Passo ausente O caminho Persistente
    O Vento 03:08
    Nem só de sol se faz Todo dia que a gente leva e traz Nem só de ilusão Vive o coração
    Overtrue 05:00

    V P 下载

    This album is a loop.
    One same day that repeats itself.
    When everything is possible.
    Where freedom lays in between the lines.
    In subversion.
    In poetry.

    Tudo Existe Num Instante (Everything Exists in an Instant) brings as central theme the infinite repetition of one same day. The album runs through 1h15 without interruption, where the last track meets the first and the cycle begins one more time. The work was conceiVed in a non standard aesthetic in the contemporary music market, mixing Influences of ambient musIc with field recording, poetry and songs of different genres. As the songs pass by, they follow the movement of the light through the hours of the day.

    This work was born froM a philosophical narrative. Where time is no more than a stable and static dimension on which we run through with our existence. It's our conscience that moves. It's our mEmory who accumulates past experiences and shapes Our next steps. Time is there. Everything is there at the same time. All the time. Given the complexity of this narrative I had to inspire myself in other masters' works - as the movie Groundhog Day, by Harold Ramis, or the album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, by brian Eno and David bryne - to be able to create the context where i explore, in a poetic manner, this vision about our existence. about our time in this reality.

    So that's how Tudo Existe Num Instante develops itself. In an infinite loop. Where the last music ends exactly where the first starts. Where the sound mood follow the changes of the light during a Daily cycle. Where there is so much information available that Every time we hear it, every time we pass through that same day, we Can experience it in a different way. But just as fascinating as the version we had stored in our memory beforE. After all, its all there, at the same time. All the time.

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    released May 22, 2020

    all songs written, composed, performed and arranged by bresciani.
    Sempre-Vivas was arranged by Habacuque Lima.
    O Vento was arranged by Fábio Barros, Gabriel Nascimbeni and Habacuque Lima.

    Alessa - voice preparation and voice in O Vento
    Fábio Barros - voice, percussion and 'plim do Binho' in O Vento
    Felippe Magy - recording assistant in Tudo, Paraty and Sempre-Vivas
    Fernando Martins - drums in Tudo and Paraty
    Gabriel Nascimbeni - backing vocal in Dying Hot Days; voice and percussion in O Vento
    Habacuque Lima - bass in Paraty; bass, guitar, drum loops and Juno60 in Sempre-Vivas; voice, keys, guitar and percussion in O Vento
    Pablo Gigliotti - bass in Tudo and percussion in Dying Hot Days
    Renato Aranha - keys in Tudo, Paraty and Sempre-Vivas

    all songs were recorded at Trampolim Studio and bresciani's studio in São Paulo, Brazil, and at Il Musicante Studio in Pietrasanta, Italy.

    all songs were mixed by Fábio Barros, Gabriel Nascimbeni and Habacuque Lima at Trampolim Studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

    all songs were mastered by Arthur Joly at Reco-Master studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

    cover and art direction by Juliana Teixeira

    © NOZ RECORDS 2020. All rights reserved.

    V P 下载

    all rights reserved

    V P 下载

    V P 下载


    bresciani São Paulo, Brazil

    Composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and media artist. My work is to suggest realities that confront the viewer with possibilities that are not always real, not even possible, but that stimulate reflections on our world. The work is crafted through the mix of field recording, computer music, traditional composition and generative systems, layer by layer, creating a poetic universe. ... more


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